Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Tipping Point Debate

My good friend Maura Thomas sent this article to me from Fast Company I suspect in part because she knew I would really dig the article because of the Tipping Point discussion and also because she knows I am literally 6 months behind on my periodical reading. At any rate, I read Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point and have ever since, become fascinated with how products and ideas literally become huge overnight. Something I am still waiting for my book to do by the way.

At any rate, this article by contributing write Clive Thompson delves into the debate by presenting some very interesting points of view from a variety sides on the role influencers, and connectors, have on the whether something takes off. Its an interesting article that is very much worth the time to read.

You can find the article by clicking here.

The article stirs up a number of thoughts and ideas for me. But I am interested in hearing what you think. What do you think it takes to get a product, a service, a concept or an idea adopted by the masses? I invite you to email me or post your comments here. Who knows...the ideas you share may just be what I personally need to hear in order to take my Ripple Concept to the masses!

Ripple On!!!

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Anonymous said...

I too was fascinated. I think it's great that someone took on the "conventional wisdom" on the topic since the concept became so prevalent with really not much more than anecdotal evidence. The fact that a larger, more representative sample yielded opposite results is quite compelling. I'm certain it's true that "influencers" have more influence in general, but I'm also sure that anyone can be an influencer in the right circumstances.