Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mid-January Self-Check

So you ended last year thinking about all that you had accomplished and all that you want to achieve in the new year. You sat down and wrote out your list of goals, resolutions or commitments to yourself and at the end had this satisfying smile on your face of all that you were going to achieve in the coming year.

So you started off this month with a bang doing all the things you needed to do to stay on track and take the new year by the tail right? doubt, this is going to be your year. 2008 is the year that everything is going to change for you right?

But now a few weeks have gone by. The routine of going back to work and having to stay for a full week (damn I miss the holidays) has started to sink in. Those lofty aspirations of hitting the gym several times a week and getting up at the ass crack of dawn to go running now suddenly seems less exciting and romantic. It looked so much better on paper didn't it? Those important contacts you were going to make now seem a little more intimidating. Those great events that you just knew you had to go to, to make the best connections, now all seem to fall on days that something more appealing (like a new episode of ER or a hot bath) or important (beer with the buddies) is happening.

Welcome to mid-January.

This is where the men are separated from the boys. The women are separated from the girls. The weak from the strong. The fun and exciting from the simply boring. The destiny makers from the destiny takers.

You get the picture right?

Where are you? Where do you stack up compared to all the lofty goals, dreams and aspirations you held for yourself a mere 17 days ago? Are you still approaching the new year like it's gonna be your best one yet or are you settling in to another year of mediocrity?

Where are you? Why aren't you doing more? Why have you given up already?

It's time for a self-check.

The good's only day 17. There are 339 more to go.

Don't waste them.

Ripple On!!!

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