Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Fear is the enemy.
Fear is crippling.
Fear is blinding.

Fear is holding you hostage.
Fear is keeping you down.
Fear won't let you win the race.

Fear will strip your soul.
Fear will leave you shallow and cold.
Fear will be your master.

Why such vivid imagery of fear you might ask? Because fear keeps you, me and everyone else from achieving, having and doing the things we are destined to do. Fear is the great equalizer to great ideas, great accomplishments and a world of possibilities. Fear is where great things, great people go to die.

In visiting with so many of you these past few weeks, hearing hopes, dreams and aspirations for the new year ahead, the underlying theme in almost every conversation is...fear. "I am scared I won't have the courage to try for that promotion." "I am scared to put my idea on the table for fear of being laughed at." "I fear what might happen if I decide to leave this relationship and go it alone."

Whatever fear you may be facing know that it is a temporary road block to that which you are destined to do, to have, to achieve and to be.

Fear is what we are left with when we no longer have faith. Faith in ourselves. Faith in our abilities. Faith in what is possible.

Have faith my Ripple friend I believe in you. You too should believe in yourself.

Have faith in yourself and believe in your heart you are here to do what you are here to do. Do this and fear will find no crevice, foothold or ledge with which to plant itself and grow.

Go Forth and Believe In Yourself.....and see what Ripples come from it!

Ripple On!!!


jag said...

Fear knocked at the door.
Faith was sent to answer.
There was nobody there.

I read this - or some variation of it - many years ago and I've never forgotten it.

I think Fear can be an important teacher. It points the way to where we have an opportunity to grow. Where there is Fear, there is an opportunity to practice Faith and to "do it anyway". Simple, but certainly not easy!

Thanks for another great post, Steve!

Pace e bene,

Steve Harper said...


Awesome....Thank you for sharing that. I had never heard that little poem.

Thanks as always for being a part of the Ripple conversation!

Ripple On My Friend!