Monday, January 14, 2008


She stood at the door to the conference room. The biggest presentation of her career was about to begin. She thought to herself, I can't do it. They will see right through me. But she knew in her heart of hearts that simply wasn't the case. She was made for this moment and she was going to take what belonged to her. She deserved to be here and both the team and their client would see that too.

It was now or never and there was no looking back. She was going to give the presentation of her life and leave nothing in the tank. She was going ALL IN and in the end would be a better person, personally and professionally, for it.

She opened the door and over the threshold into destiny.

Could this be you? Do you have something big coming up? Perhaps an opportunity to take advantage of a defining moment in your life or career.

Are you ready for it? Are you 100% prepared to give it your all and take it?

Just like the guys you see on television that play those big poker tournaments, you too will eventually reach a point where the only play is to push all the chips towards the center of the table and go ALL IN.


Artie Gold said...

Not the post I wanted to see on a tense, over-caffeinated morning when things are seeming a little bit iffy in two many ways.
And, as usual, it's spot on (which is what prompts the above comment).


Artie Gold said...

(of course, that's "too many" -- but it just confirms where I'm at at the moment....)