Sunday, October 14, 2007

That Is An Opportunity

I want to let you in on a little secret.

Sometime during this upcoming week there is going to be a situation where you will find yourself with an unbelievable opportunity.

It might be an opportunity to do something amazing.

It might be an opportunity to do something small.

It might be an opportunity that, unless you already knew you were supposed to be watching out for an opportunity, you likely would have let it pass you by. Now you know so don't let that happen.

It will be an opportunity that will make you feel amazing.

It will be an opportunity that will forever alter how you perceive your impact on this world.

It will be an opportunity from which you will discover more about yourself than you ever thought imaginable.

What is that opportunity you ask?

You walk out your door tomorrow morning; Monday morning and a whole new week of opportunities awaits you.

There will be someone who needs to hear a kind word. That is an opportunity.

There will be someone who really needs to get over into your lane. That is an opportunity.

There will be someone who is having a bad day and just needs a little patience and understanding. That is an opportunity.

There will be someone close to you who needs to hear how much you love them. That is an opportunity.

There will be someone who has a dream that you can have a hand in making come true. That is an opportunity.

There will be one, two, ten, twenty, dozens, hundreds of people your life will bring you in contact with this week. There are opportunities aplenty and yes you should do something about them. All of them!

There is an entire world out there that right now isn't as good because you aren't giving it your all. That is, you guessed it, an opportunity.

This week is chalked full of promise and opportunity, oh yes, opportunity.

Be ready.

Ripple On!!!


P.S. I hope you will be kind enough to come back here in a week and share what opportunities you found and what you did about them.


Liz said...

What a wonderful and uplifting post! You are absolutely right. I am a believer that you just never know what is going to happen next so you have to make the most of each moment.

For example, I always make sure to tell my husband that I love him before he leaves for work (even if we are in an argument). I do this, partly, to start his day off on a good note but also because in the off chance that he is in some terrible accident i would hate for my last words to him to have been anything other than an expression of my love for him. Sappy yes, but it works for me.

Have a great week.


terri said...

Funny. I was just starting to get really cynical about some things happening at work, but this post is encouraging me to look at things differently. Now I'm almost looking forward to facing some of these issues and dealing with them in a much more productive manner.

P.S. St. Peter called. He says you have a spot secured....

jag said...

It's been a while since I've posted a comment, but I've been lurking! You continue to post very meaningful stuff, Steve. Thanks...

Thought I'd share how I put this particular post to work. I was offered a chance to register for two free tickets to an event involving the Ottawa Senators. I knew I couldn't go that day, but your post popped into my mind. Is this an opportunity to create a positive ripple?! So, I reserved the two tickets anyway and offered them to a friend and her 13-year old son. They've been through tough times of late. My friend was thrilled! She accepted the offer and was very sincere in saying how much this meant to her.

It would have been easier to simply ignore the free tickets offer and not bother with the registration process, but you encouraged me to see the opportunity, make a different choice... and also make a difference in someone else's day.

Pace e bene,

Self Improvement Blog said...

You are so right. Opportunity is around us every day. Some days I see it so clearly, then I can go weeks or months without seeing any - but it's always there, you just have to be in the right mindset to see it.


Steve Harper said...

Liz, Terri, Jag & Chris,

Thank you all for your comments. You humble me with your readership and make me feel very blessed for your friendship!

Ripple On!!!