Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Ripple Rocks"

So last week I spoke at The Contingent Workforce Summit presented by Staffing Industry Analysts in Dallas, Texas. To say the conference was a success for me would be an understatement. I have literally been overwhelmed by the positive response to my keynote remarks and the 8 Minute Ripple which I facilitated as part of my overall program.

I was excited to bring my unique approach of discovering, creating and building connections to this audience which was filled with some of the nation's leading companies. I just knew that given the opportunity to show what the Ripple could do, it would get the attention of some of the powerful people who were in attendance. Boy was I right!

From the time I left the stage following my session to walking out of the hotel the following day, I had so many people come up to me and literally thank me for exposing them to a new way of connection. Being thanked after a big presentation like that is a huge validation for any speaker that their presentation has hit a cord. But maybe even more cool was hearing how eager people were to share their individual stories of connection and engagement and how "they Rippled." It humbled me and filled me with an amazing sense of pride.

It was clear that many of them had never seen nor felt the kind of experience the Ripple offers. I loved hearing everyone's comments and unique takes on how surprised they were to see just how powerful this form of connection could be. It was even more exciting to hear how many of them recognized just how impactful the Ripple might be if they brought it to their own companies, trainings and conferences.

"It was so amazing to see how easy you made it to connect with complete strangers," said one executive immediately following my session. Yes, I know the Ripple is a powerful way to meet new people but it still never gets old to hear a new Rippler say it!

So yesterday my phone rang. It was a executive from a leading investment firm who had attended my session. He said, I just have to tell you, "Your Ripple concept so rocks!" It seems that several of the people he had met at the conference have already turned into amazing connections for him and he simply wanted to say thank you and to let me know he was still Rippling a week later.

All I can say to that is.....

Ripple On!!!


MagnumVox said...

Heck, yeah!!
Way to go, Bro!!

The Ripple absolutely makes a difference in people's lives.

It's so awesome how you keep helping others expand their horizons and experience growth in so many aspects of their lives.

Anji said...

I suppose it's part of the ripple to get great feedback too. You are doing a great job!

terri said...

Congratulations! What an incredible feeling that must be!