Monday, October 08, 2007

Be Inspired Today

I want you try something today. I want you to take ten minutes this morning and write down all the things, objects, activities, places, etc. that inspire you. Just get a blank piece of paper and start writing. There does not have to be any order, just let your mind out of the box to play for a bit. Allow yourself to have some fun as you keep that pen moving.

After fifteen minutes I want you to stop.

Take a look at how big your list is and look at each item. Which of the items on your list most tug at your heart? Put a star next to each of them.

Now with your top inspirations starred, look at each one of them individually. Which of them stand out? Concentrate on only those. Read what you wrote, close your eyes and see yourself doing the activity or standing in front of the object that inspires you. Take a full mental minute to transport yourself to that place where you find inspiration from that object, activity or place and just allow yourself to be there.

After you have gone through this exercise....take a quick inventory of how you feel. Does any one of these things inspire you more than the others? If so, take a few minutes to take an action to get yourself closer to that which inspires you. If it's a piece of art that inspires you, find a picture of it on the Internet and print it out. If it's a certain type of music, download it now into your IPOD or grab that CD and put it in your stereo. If it's a place, find some pictures from a previous trip and put them out or....and you have to love the power of technology, use GOOGLE MAPS to pinpoint the area and use that picture as the background on your desktop.

Bottom something!

Do this exercise, and I mean really do it, and notice what an amazing impact it can and will have on your day.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

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