Sunday, April 01, 2007

Twitter, Connection, Mickey....As If We Need More Distractions

Happy April Fools Day!

A couple of weeks ago while at SXSW I started playing with this new service Twitter. As if I need another attention distractor! Anyway, it's a new way to keep your friends and colleagues engaged and aware of what you are doing and to see what they are doing through instant messenger, on your cell phone or via their website. It's kind of a cool little service though I haven't figured out how to NOT be annoying with it.

Messages that you can post include:

I need a beer! Anyone game? Meet me at NEEDABEERBAR

I am working and I hate working. Can anyone else feel my pain?

Does everyone at Best Buy have to be 20 and with an attitude?

I have a headache (as if anyone cares) and I am not saying my kids gave it to me...but I am not saying they didn't either.

My wife is in one of her moods (that isn't mine I swear!)

Why on Earth did God not make wives with volume control (hmmm....still denying)

Does anyone know where the hell we are? (Great for when you lose someone at a concert or a conference)

Did anyone else smell that?

Is it a requirement that every dumb ass on the planet has to drive on the exact road I do? (again not mine...I love all (most) people......)

You get the point? You can put most anything out there for your friends to read and either empathize or sympathize with. Like I said, I haven't quite figured out how to use the service yet so as I am not an annoying my pals all the time.

Anyway, check out Twitter and if you want to add me, feel free to do so my user name is what else....but Rippleon

Drew with Drew's Marketing Minute (one of my favorite BLOGS) has a humorious post this morning about how Mickey Mouse might use the Twitter service. Read it here.

Drew references another funny post about what Jesus would Twitter. Read it here. Not necessarily appropriate on Palm Sunday so if you offend easily don't click AND don't blame me!

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Ripple On!!!



Anonymous said...

Man I logged on this morning expecting you to do something super funny for April Fool's Day. After your Ground Hog post my expectations were high for what you might do today.

I liked your post but figured a self-described smart ass and jokster might have done something a little more. The reference to the What Twitter would Jesus do was a pretty fun reference so I will cut you a break.


Chana said...


Steve Harper said...

Too bad the damn place is closed on Sundays!

Thanks for commenting Chana!

Ripple On!!!


Drew McLellan said...


I am on my way to Twitter to add you right now!