Saturday, April 14, 2007

Breaking Through The Clouds

On Friday I left Albuquerque in some pretty cloudy and dark conditions. The wind was blowing and it was raining/snowing and it did not look to be a good day for flying (not to mention it was Friday the 13th!). As we taxied down the runway I couldn't help but think it was going to be a bumpy exit from the old hometown.

It was pretty rough during take off as the plane pitched and rolled with some pretty angry turbulence that seemed particularly frustrated at our brightly colored Southwest Boeing 727. As the pilot climbed the turbulence seemed to want to grab hold of the plane and keep us from breaking through the clouds. Then almost as quickly as it started the turbulence ended and our plane emerged above the clouds to a gloriously blue sky and bright warming sunshine. Quite a contrast from the ground below!

As our plane leveled out I couldn't help but think of how much turbulence I had had in my life. How I had often been faced with adversity and could have easily given up but I refused. No matter my obstacles I always managed to power on. No matter how rough my life might have been, I somehow managed to stay my course and break through the clouds and into a better place, leaving that same angry turbulence behind me.

I suspect to achieve or obtain anything of real importance that we all must face the turbulence of doubt and the clouds of uncertainty. However if we don't act like that airplane and we don't throttle up and push through then it will inevitably control us and forever chart our course.

Here's hoping you break through those clouds and find your blue sky.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper


Terri said...

This was good advice for me this weekend. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a powerful analogy Steve. Thanks for the reminder!

Ripple On My Friend!