Monday, March 12, 2007

SXSW Virgin

I guess am what you might call a SXSW virgin and it was never more apparent than on Saturday night. As my friend Carlon and I went to the Austin Convention Center to pick up our Gold Badges (something we get for speaking at SXSW), we began to feel like rock stars as people handed us swag bags filled with goodies of all kinds, invitations to private parties that comp'd us drinks and basically showed us the Southern hospitality that we here in Austin are known for. It made me proud to be an Austinite (well sort of)!

Being a virgin at SXSW is an awesome experience. There are so many things to choose from in terms of conference sessions, movie premiers and of course the most amazing live music you can't find anywhere else on the planet.

Saturday night was filled with several fun parties and the opportunity to hob knob with some Hollywood peeps, some local dignitaries and of course a few super models sprinkled in there for good measure. It was a pretty incredible experience and I can't wait to see what today holds!

One thing is for sure....if you have never been to SXSW you absolutely need to put it on your calendar for next year! I am a convert!

Ripple On!!!


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