Thursday, March 15, 2007

SXSW Hangover!

Okay, so I must admit that it's not entirely the hangover you likely assumed when you first read the title to this post...but it's close.

Attending SXSW has truly been an awesome experience. My panel on How To Attract Your Ideal Clients with Jen Blackert and Carlon Haas went very, very well. See the picture...that's me blocked behind the head and computer monitor ---great PR eh?

My last minute idea on NOT HAVING a power point presentation was apparently a hit as well as the second picture shows a picture of the slide I made (my contact info is alas covered by the speaker!) that said we weren't doing any slides. Several people sent me links to this yesterday and I thought it was hilarious we made someone's official photo from the conference and that our straightforward approach to presenting was appreciated by those who attended our session.

My book signing could not have been better! I actually had the second best selling book at SXSW according to the Barnes & Noble folks. How awesome is that?

Last but not least the connections just keep mounting as I met an up and coming rapper from Detroit, the head of the movie commission from San Antonio, and three producers who all "dug" (their word not mine) the concept of the Ripple and want to talk "possibilities" when they return to Los Angeles. I can't believe how resonating the concept of the Ripple is with the people whom I have spoken to at this conference but it is been invigorating and certainly recharging for the old confidence batteries!

I hate to admit it but our Gold Badges got us first rate Rock Star treatment and for a lonely little unknown author like myself it was a truly surreal experience. Private parties, lots and lots of SWAG and of course free drinks is always a plus in the Harper camp! It has been an awesome experience and one I hope to repeat for many, many years to come!

Tonight begins another round of private parties and fun social events which you know I am all over that! I took last night off to recover from what seems like a world wind round of events, sessions and lots and lots of conversations but my batteries are recharged and I am ready to Ripple!

Ripple On My Friends

Steve Harper



Anonymous said...

I attended your panel and purchased your book. Your message and your approach to building a business is the right way to do it. I am so thrilled to know that there are people out there doing what you do.

However one minor complaint that I had on your panel. It would have been more interesting to have just you present on the topic as I think your panel mates did too much self-promoting of their stuff. I would have rather heard more about how to attract my ideal client from someone who actually has been as successful entrepreneur.

Just my opinion but hope SXSW gives you your own session next year. I will be there.

Jolie Thomas
San Francisco, CA

Anonymous said...

I too attended your session and thought all of you did a fabulous job. I learned a lot and you all gave some practical advice that I could immediate put to work in my business.

I especially liked your joking with Carlin that he could say "God Damn after all we are all at a SXSW event." That was funny beyond measure.

I didn't make it over to pick up your book but have ordered a copy from Amazon just today. I look forward to reading it!

I am very glad to learn of your passion towards the Ripple and look forward to being a regular reader of your BLOG.

Peni Hopkins

P.S. Are you going to be speaking at SXSW next year?

Steve Harper said...

Thanks to everyone that left a comment or emailed me directly in relation to SXSW. I appreciate all of the comments and of course all of the support!

I hope to be back at SXSW next year if they are kind enough to invite me!

Thanks again and Ripple On!!!