Monday, February 19, 2007

Special Ripple Advisory!!!

Happy Monday!

I am taking a small break from our series on Creating The Life Your Want By Rippling to make a few important announcements.

First, we have just uploaded episode #2 of The Virtual Ripple series. This interview is with Trudi Bonomi with Life Makeovers and it's definitely easy to see how she has been so successful in your expanding business. Check it out by going here:

We have literally been overwhelmed with the positive responses to bringing the power of the Ripple to the Internet video medium. Keep those comments coming and stay tuned for some exciting developments ahead! If you are interested in participating as a future guest please email me at or to learn more about what video can do for your business please check out Mitch Lobrovich (my video visionary God-send) by checking out his site at:

My other announcement concerns a new Podcast interview I was fortunate enough to participate in with Jen Blackert, internet marketing extraordinaire. Take a listen by going here:

As some of you may know, Jen and I along with Carlon Haas will be speaking at SXSW in March about How to Attract Your Ideal Client. More information on our panel discussion happening on Tuesday March 13th can be found at:

As always, your comments are always appreciated so feel free to post them here or drop me a line!

Until next time.....

Ripple On My Friends!


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