Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Use What You Have

As I reported yesterday, Austin was in the grips of Blizzard 2007! Though we got very little snow we did get "some" around noon and the wife and kids were abuzz with excitement. As the flakes began to fall we had to rush out and play in it!

My three year old son Josh used the wintry precipitation to take full advantage and made his personal attempt at being a snow angel. How or why he thought to lie down when to my knowledge, he has never even seen a snow angel before, was beyond me. But it was one of the most amazing actions I have seen him take and it was completely of his own doing. I found it inspiring and truly heart warming. One of those memories that will be with me forever!

As I thought about his actions this morning I began to equate it to my own life and the life of other business people I know. How many of us are waiting for our conditions to improve or for better things to happen (like more snow) before we take action and actually do something? How does that waiting affect us from fulfilling our real life's purpose?

For me, I worry that my material isn't enough. Major corporations or conferences won't consider me because I don't have a twenty thousand dollar high powered video and marketing package. It's the story I tell myself and what I am sure prevents me from attracting that which I desire. I'm waiting for my snow but I am focusing on the wrong thing.

If my son had waited even just thirty minutes more yesterday the conditions would have completely changed. His tiny little arms and those stubby little legs would not have even left an impression as the snow quickly turned to slush and was gone. His snow angle would never have gotten its wings and taken flight had he not done what he had done at the exact moment that he did it.

Oh what a tragedy that would have been.

What are waiting for? What conditions are you waiting to improve or become more ideal before you lay down and spread your wings to fly?

Forget waiting for things to be perfectly right as I suspect they never will.

Use what you have and make your mark and let the Ripples wander where they may. You may just find the conditions are exactly right!

Ripple On My Friends!



Carlon Haas said...

You hit the nail right on the head, Steve. If you wait around for things to be perfect, you'll miss a ton of opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I love how you take simple things and make lessons out of them. I get true inspiration from your BLOG!

Cynthia Fallow