Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thank You Mr. President

Today we will lay to rest President Gerald R. Ford. I think his passing hits me especially hard because he is officially the first President I could honestly remember as a small child. He was a rock star in my eyes as a small kid. His loss to Jimmy "Possibly The Worst Guy To Become President" Carter in 1976 devastated me. How could this kindly gentlemen, with a warm enduring smile and reassuring tone be ripped from my five year old hands? It wasn't fair. I am still bitter can't you tell?

The amazing thing about Gerald Ford was he never aspired to be nation's 38th President. He was content being a servant of the people without the lime-light and glad handing that often accompanies people in politics. However when Richard Nixon called he was more than willing to serve as a replacement to Vice President Agnew and did his duty with honor and grace. His calm collective manner served and reassuring religious faith served to steady a country still rocked by the Watergate scandal.

As I watched the coverage of some of his memorial services this weekend I heard something that again instilled that pride that had buoyed me as a five year old child and now as an appreciative adult.

"President Ford was someone who would extend courtesy to those who extended courtesy to him. When he met someone who was discourteous to him he extended even more courtesy to them because that's what he felt was the right thing to do. It wasn't a popularity contest for Mr. Ford; it was about being a good human being and treating everyone well."

What a quote. What a way to be remembered. If only we could all have such nice things said about us and the words actually mean something. Talk about the ultimate Ripple!

President Ford, thank you from this appreciative American for your long and faithful service to your country. More importantly thank you for showing me that nice guys can and do finish first! You were and continue to be an inspiration to me.

Until Next Time.....

Ripple On!!!


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