Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What a Review!

Recently a new acquaintance of mine, Robert Wickman from BigIdeas Group posted a fantastic review about my book on Amazon. It was essentially a challenge to people to spread the Ripple and make difference by creating the kind of community we all should want to be a part of.

Here is a copy of his 5-Star Amazon.com review.

Robert Wickman, October 18, 2006

Reviewer:Robert Wickman "BIGideas" (Austin, TX United States) - See all my reviews
Imagine living in a community where people focus on the greater good of the community: caring supporting and nurturing positive relationships. Everyone looking out for each other, investing in one another. With this incredible intentionality, the community would thrive! Yes, even you. Would that be a place you would love to live? Sure, you say, but how? How could I start the process - create the first ripple? Here's a simple way: Buy eleven copies of The Ripple Effect NOW, read it, and live it in your relationships at work, with family and friends, in your church, circles of influence, anywhere you interact with others. When people ask you (and they will) what created the change in you, give them one of the ten extra copies you purchased. They'll love it, buy ten books, and give them to everyone they know. These people will, in turn, read it and buy more ten copies each and give them away to everyone they know. And so on and on. Can you imagine living in a community where everyone "gets it", where everyone is committed to creating ripples in each other's lives? Wow, that would be powerful! I want to live in that community. Let's get started.

No, I don't work for the publisher or the author, but I do love to spread the word when I find a real gem and I love to give valuable books to people purely for the opportunity to build something magnificent. This book is a great resource for building lasting, genuine relationships and communities. Read it, follow it, and thrive! I have met Steve and The Ripple Effect comes from his heart - he lives it daily. Ripple On!

Now I was both humbled and inspired by Robert's suggestion that I decided to put some skin in the game myself. So, for a limited time I am offering my book at a tremendous discount to my loyal BLOG readers and those who happen to decide that creating a Ripple-Centric 2007 is the only way to go!

Please click here for a special quantity price discount on The Ripple Effect for yourself and 10 of your friends, associates, important clients and anyone you want to help Ripple their way into a more profitable, more productive and rewarding life.

THANK YOU ROBERT! I am truly blessed to have had our paths cross and I appreciate your commitment to helping me grow the Ripple!


Steve Harper


Anonymous said...


I think Robert is correct and his suggestion is spot on perfect for this time of year. Expect to see me order 30 copies for my senior staff and key personnel.

I have enjoyed reading your BLOG for sometime and just haven't purchased the book yet...sorry to say. We are going to remedy that right now.


Michael Tolson
Shell Oil Company

P.S. Do you present on the book for companies?

Anonymous said...

Just submitted my order. I like this idea very much.

Leslie Bowe

Anonymous said...

I had to jump on the bandwagon as well. I already own the book but certainly can find 11 important clients to RIPPLE for the holidays! Though I believe I will see you tonight. I am assuming you will have 11 books with you right?

I need to thank Adam for turning me onto your BLOG. I just spent the last hour reading your stuff. Fascinating perspectives on a lot of Ripple-areas.

Bill Myrim

Anonymous said...

I tried going to BookPeople last night to purchase your book in quantity but they would not honor this price. Is there some sort of trick this this or did you not make them aware of this promotion?

I will email you about this as well in case you don't read the comments as frequently.

Tammy Dodge

Steve Harper said...


I just read your comment. Unfortunatley we are only offering this promotion via the website. Please go to the link on the post and I will ship your books out immediately. If you don't feel comfortable using a credit card then feel free to call me at 512-577-3700 and we can make arrangements to take cash or check.