Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blind Traveler

Blind Traveler

You cross my path but I don’t see you

Why I have no idea

You are there, plain as day

Yet through you I look as if you were invisible

I am searching for something more

If only knew more was already before me

I travel down this road or rather this path

Blinded by my own ambition, my own arrogance

Something more is just ahead I can most certainly feel it

Yet your path has touched mine for a reason

But still I ignore you

I remain blind to that which is so obvious

People appear in our lives for a reason

Their purpose is not ours to judge but rather to explore

If only I could have known this sooner

The paths that have crossed mine which meant nothing

Now I realize they were not nothing, but something

The paths were actually doors, inviting me to walk in

Oh how the blinded traveler toils and waits

For life to bring them something real, something of value

When the gifts are already there

If only they would open their eyes to that which occurs

Happening all around them in fact

Crossing their path, my path…all for a reason

© Steve Harper – SWOT Publishing, Inc.


Sandy Renshaw said...


Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved this post Steve!!

Anonymous said...

You always seem to keep your readers on their toes. I love it! Makes reading your posts enjoyable.

Keep it up and RIPPLE ON and have a good holiday!


Anonymous said...

Damn good piece of work Steve. Is it yours or did you find this somewhere?