Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pushing Through The Pain

This morning I got up to go do my usual run. I didn't really want to go as I was warm and snug in my bed and the thought of getting up and running just wasn't appealing. Never-the-less I persuaded my sub-conscious to get motivated and since I hadn't slept all that well during the night, I didn't really need to toss and turn for an hour more. My head was a swirl with a number of things I had pressing on my mind and a run generally helps me sort through my thoughts. About 3/4 of mile in I was feeling really glad that I had decided to run as things were becoming cleared and more focused. Then out of now where a rock I didn't see, appeared and decided to ATTACK ME!

One minute I was concentrating on how to move forward on a particular project and the next....an awkward step and a shot pain through my left ankle....BLAM! Just like that down on the curb writhing in pain. A severe sprain no doubt!

I cautiously stepped up on it and it hurt. It was all warm and tingly like sprains tend to be (I have had a jillion of them) and my thoughts immediately turned negative.

"Oh great! A full day ahead and me with a bum ankle. This is just great!"

"See this would have never happened if I had stayed in bed!"

"If I hadn't been concentrating on this stupid problem I would have easily seen that rock!"

You get the picture.

As I began to hobble back in the direction of my house I stopped. My ankle hurt and it was uncomfortable but either way I looked at it, I couldn't do much about it. The pain was easily manageable and actually wasn't pain at all. Minor discomfort at best and the further I walked the better it got. I thought....hmmm easy way to get out of exercise I could blame the ankle! I stopped again and thought to myself that would be a cop out even though it was clearly the path of least resistance. Was I going to let this injury which at first seemed big but now was rather small, control my outcome and ultimately the start of my day? I mean after all....I was already out there. If I could walk why couldn't I run?

I started a light jog. Discomfort at first and then less and less noticeable. I finished my three miles in about the same time it would take my typically and my ankle felt great. Now five hours later....my ankle is fine, I feel great and I am glad I pushed through. I feel better all the way around; mentally and physically.

It got me wondering...how many events happen to us that at first look major but then turn out to be minor or non-events altogether? Especially after we get a little time or distance from them. How many times do we face that first shot of pain and call it a day? The first little sign of resistance and we allow those circumstances to control our outcome.

When I look at how my day might have been in comparison to what it is I realize that sometimes we have to push through the pain in order to gain the positive results we really desire. My ankle, my issues, my problems though at times are painful, are generally not as major as I make them out to be. I think pushing through the pain even though it might seem uncomfortable at the time helps steel us mentally and physically and certainly has a whole lot more benefits than the alternative.

They say there no pain, no gain. I have to say I agree with that!

Ripple On My Friends!!!!

Steve Harper

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