Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day Into Night

I sit on the bricks on front porch of my house

They are still warm to the touch from a day in the sun

It is as if this time was meant just for me

The brilliant orange explodes out over the greenbelt

As darkness begins to push down from up above

Another day is slowly giving way to another night

This day is ending as I gaze out on the horizon

The sounds of crickets chirping fill the twilight sky

Like a magical orchestra playing only for my ears

The pace which had consumed me this day

Now slows to an even crawl as a slumber begins to unfold

It is as if this time was meant just for me

Where has all my time gone in my frantic little life

Pushing through the motions yet motions are all they truly are

This which I experience now is the real life if I would only notice more

A slight breeze is wafting through the air now

Bringing with it just a hint of coolness to my bare feet

The bricks are no longer warm and the horizon is now engulfed in darkness

The blanket of a new night’s ferry has set its course

As I sit here and enjoy the peacefulness of that which envelopes me

It is as if this time was meant just for me

Take notice ye faithful stewards. Life is what we make of it and often it’s what we stop and notice that can and will make all the difference. Rest well my friends and don’t forget to ripple for yourself every once in a while.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

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