Thursday, July 20, 2006

Careful What You Demand!

The hand was extended and Ted nervously looked away.

"Nice to meet you Ted," he said with ever more conviction. Still Ted's hand remained at his side.

The dissing was palatable. Everyone noticed. The receptionist, one guy hanging out at the fax and two guys on the couch waiting on their party to come retrieve them for a different set of meetings. I do mean everyone!

The silence grew ever more deafening.

Ted's partner rocked back and forth nervously. Ted squeaked a smile and pretended to struggle to hold his laptop case and binder hoping his load would provide the cover he needed.

It didn't.

"Son, do you see my hand?" The man barked with furvor.

A barely audible "Yes" escaped Ted's mouth.

"Well shake it!"

"I would rather not. But thank you," Ted sheepishly smiled and went back to fidgeting with his briefcase.

Ted's partner interjected...."Shall we go into your office."

"Boys, I am from Texas. I am a man of manners and I refuse to take one step until this boy shakes my hand." The company owner thrust his hand in front of Ted's face deliberately.

"Sir, I have a bad cold and I would prefer to not get you sick," Ted murmured.

"Bull balls! I don't get sick so shake hands or get the hell out my office. I won't do business with someone who is so rude and inconsiderate. I DEMAND YOU SHAKE MY HAND."

Ted straightened up and as clear and as calm as possible he said, "No sir. Thank you sir but you are not in a position to judge me as rude or inconsiderate. I would be happy to share my reasons for NOT shaking your hand in private. But since you refuse to take one step, well then sir, I must respectfully say good day." Ted turned and started towards the door.

"You arrogant SOB! Good day? Who wants to see who here?"

With that Ted turned and said, "Sir you leave me no choice. Well since you won't have this conversation in private, let me tell you why I won't shake your hand. You see right as I got off the elevator, before coming into to the office here, I stopped at the rest room. As luck would have it, I was standing in the stall next to you. I didn't think you noticed me and now, I am obviously sure of it. Well sir, to be blunt..." Ted took a deep breath, glanced around the office and said, "Sir, you didn't wash your hands. Now, I know it may be wrong of me to be so petty but well there you have it."

Collective gasp added for effect.

"Oh," the owner gruffed back. "Well, I....I....I am certain..."

"No sir, you didn't and we both know it!" Ted looked him square in the eye. "And sir before you throw stones about other people's manners and character, I suggest sir that you examine your own." With that, Ted left with partner in tow.

The morale of the story....You are always on stage, even when you think you aren't. And careful what kind of ripples you create.


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Steve Harper

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