Monday, June 26, 2006


So a good friend of mine, Asha Prasad (click here for her BLOG), let me borrow a book she had recently read on her trip to North Carolina. The book was Screw It Let's Do It: Lessons In Life by Richard Branson. It is a fascinating book by this consummate entrepreneur.

One of the primary messages that stuck with me the most was the simple concept of having fun! Richard's advice is to never do anything that isn't fun. He has always focused on projects or business opportunities based on whether they will be fun or not. Sometimes the challenge is to find the fun in particular opportunities but it is essential to enjoy what you are doing otherwise why do it?

Another great piece of advice was when you start something that was fun but it is no longer, move on!

How many of us are getting up today to do something that we don't honestly enjoy?

Perhaps we never enjoyed it. So why do we do it? We have to pay the bills right?

Each day we all crawl closer to our end. Sorry....but it's true. Why waste the time doing a job or living a life you don't enjoy? So one day you can look back and say, "well I did what I had to do?"

Pardon my French but that's Le' Crapola! Or for my redneck buddies that's a big bowl of wrong!

Life offers us only the moments we are in right here and now. Tomorrow, next week or hell next year is not guaranteed. We all must live for the moment and enjoy every aspect of our lives otherwise we do ourselves and our purpose a disservice.

Are you having fun? If not, what changes must you make in your life, career, friendships, etc. in order to begin having fun?

Sounds simple and I know some of my esoteric friends will criticize me for the impracticality of this advice but I offer this bit of advice..... SCREW IT.....JUST DO IT!

Thanks Mr. Branson for giving me a much needed reminder!

Ripple On My Friends!

Steve Harper


Asha said...

I am glad you liked to book Steve!! This book inspired my sense of adventure all over again!


Chris said...

I think the trouble is that everyone has different definitions of fun. To some people, just about anything is fun because they are naturally happy and enjoy doing things; to some others, almost nothing is ever fun because of their emotional disposition.

For the latter group, an attitude adjustment is in order, or success remains elusive. And if sour folk can adjust their attitude to be better, then it stands to reason that the naturally happy folks also have the capability to adjust their attitudes to enjoy whatever it is they're trying to accomplish.

It boils down to motivation. If you want something bad enough, you must find a way to clear your mental blocks to make it happen, and depending upon one's background, ambitions, and situation, that can require no small amount of emotional mastery. Can we teach people this mastery so they can start having more fun?
[/end rambling]