Thursday, May 25, 2006

Steve's Steps To Being More People Friendly Step 6.1


As promised, I wanted to suggest a few entry points of conversation that might assist you in engaging someone new. Keep in mind, one the ways to set yourself apart from the rest of the herd is to be different. Be creative. The following examples are just some of the ways that I have found always garner a smile followed by some sort of conversation. Just try it and have fun with it. When people see you are having fun, they are far more inclined to be receptive and open to you. And, I hesitate to tell you this but I must! Having fun is a sure fire way to BE more people friendly. Ask the following with enthusiasm (not psycho enthusiasm but enthusiasm) and a smile.

  • "Doesn't it figure, we rush, rush, rush all day long only to get here to wait, wait, wait!" (great for standing in any line)
  • "Ah really should be a food group don't you think?"
  • "I came to this place because someone told me that I could actually bypass the whole coffee cup thing and just get an IV inserted!"
  • "Do you mind if I ask the time?" Wait for answer. "Oh thank you, only (insert estimated inflated hours and minutes) until the weekend!"
  • "Excuse me; I have an important client meeting later and plum out of ideas for a great place to take them for lunch/dinner. Would you have any suggestions?"
  • "So I was told that very few people were born and raised here in (insert city). Are you originally from this area?"
  • "My wife/husband/boy/girl/friend tells me that people will think I am a lunatic just for saying good morning to a complete stranger. What do you think? Oh and by the way....good morning!"
  • "Can you believe that they let Michael Jackson keep his kids but the Monkey was taken away to a more suitable environment?"
  • "I don't come in here very often, what would you say is the best drink they serve?"
  • "I noticed you reading a you mind me asking what the title is?"
  • "I watched program the other night where Bill Gates said he has more money than they could ever spend. Good thing he didn't marry my wife."
  • "This might be a reach but did you once (insert work for or go to school at)?"
  • "Hey very cool (insert IPOD, Shirt, Laptop, Haircut)"
  • "My 7 year old son the other day asked me Dad, how do you have so many friends? I told him I find interesting people and just start talking..."
Remember, entry points are the whole story. They are the beginning of the story. They are focused on helping you start what hopefully becomes a conversation.

Until next time.....

Ripple On!

Steve Harper

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